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Office and Commercial Business Security

CCTV is becoming an essential home protection tool. Enabling you to remotely view your proprty from anywhere in the world.

Modern CCTV systems give you complete visibility of your premises, inside and out. All images are recorded onto a hard drive, allowing you to review and store the images for as long as you need. Although there are wide number of options to choose from, 360 Security systems will ensure you get the right solution to your requirements, ranging from a single camera to multi-lens, multi-site installations.

  • CCTV can be integrated with your access control systems to improve security and enhance capabilities.
  • Your systems can include day and night vision, digital recording, wireless and Internet protocol transmission of images.
  • You will benefit from our knowledge of the latest technologies, granting you the best performance and value for money.
  • Having cameras proudly on display will deter burgalars or criminal from targetting your property and reduce your risks substansially from becoming a victim.

    Access Control Security Solutions

    Access control systems manage the entry and exit of people to and from your site, combining identification technology with security gate solutions designed to address different levels of protection. 360 Security has experience across a range of industries to ensure your recommended solution meets the appropriate level of identification and gate security for your business.

  • Whether your business has a single entry point on one site or multi-site operations with hundreds of entry points, 360 Security will ensure your premises are secure and only authorised people can access them.
  • Your solution is completely scalable and can be integrated with other technologies.
  • Your systems can be controlled on a stand-alone basis or networked into site computer systems to extend across multiple sites.
  • Sophisticated yet simple system management tools make it easy to control access rights, track time and attendance and monitor movement of people.

  • Intruder Alarms Installation

    Commercial intruder alarm systems help you reduce the risk of theft, corporate sabotage and vandalism in your business. Your premises need a good alarm system that effectively safeguards assets, data, valuables and property. Alarm systems can be selected depending upon the size and the nature of your business. Although the diversity of alarm systems can make choosing the right system quite complex, 360 Security can offer advice and system design to ensure your intruder alarm keeps your premises perfectly secure.

  • It is widely accepted by police and security experts that a well-fitted and maintained intruder alarm system significantly reduces your risk of being a victim of burglary.
  • Your commercial intruder alarm system can be configured to provide internal, external and perimeter protection, enabling prompt action in case of break-in, theft or vandalism.
  • Unauthorised entry to your premises will be monitored and detected.
  • Send a signal to your mobile phone or a 24-hour monitoring service, so you don't have to worry that someone might not hear your alarm in case of break in.